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Polder Staal Producties takes the product care out of your hands. Our team consists of motivated professional craftsmen, who provide the delivery as agreed. In our culture we think in a continuous cost-down analysis. Due to our wide range of knowledge and skills we deliver single components and complex assemblies fast and efficient; provided with or without surface treatment, assembly and packaging.


Wide range of services

We know our possibilities, but also our limits. We are very flexible due to our cooperation with regional partners. The disciplines we do in our factory as well as with our partners are: design, cutting, bending, (CNC) machining, forming, punching, (robot) welding, measuring and doing surface treatments.


Why Polder Staal Producties

We want to be an extension of your organisation. We know your product and understand your problems; therefore we are not an ordinary supplier. We will solve what needs solving and bring structure where and when required. We want to improve our position as competition by connecting our knowledge of design and production to our partners designers. We do this by reducing the inventories and processing times, by lowering the production costs and preventing mistakes.



Polder Staal Producties provides an enjoyable and rewarding cooperation by fixed contacts, no phone queues and clear and reliable communication. For now and in the future.