Friday January 19 Zeki Korkmaz and Piet Wassing were awarded for their contribution to the development of the metal industry.


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Zeki Korkmaz
  Piet Wassing


Zeki Kormaz was awarded with a certificate and a retirement medal from the Maatschappij voor Nijverheid en Handel after 28 years of services. Piet Wassing was also awarded with a retirement medal from the Maatschappij voor Nijverheid en Handel after 5 years of services.

The certificate and medals were given by Rard Metz, secretary of District Oost van Koninklijk Metaalunie.


With our colleagues we paid attention to this special day. Besides this unique experience we have made a few more exceptional Polder Staal Producties memories.

Through here we would like to thank both men one more time for their effort in our company and wish them a beautiful, healthy and enjoyable time!

PKM Route ‘modernising of the production organisation’

We started a project with PKM and OOM to modernize our production organisation with our focus on competence, management and the responsibility for the right executions of operations and input.


With this project we hope to organize our company more efficient and more natural. We believe our employees can not only execute their work, but also plan and organize. Through this project we hope to make working at Polder Staal Producties more enjoyable and more interesting. By engaging everyone in the developments, strategies and organisations we believe we can produce our products wiser and cheaper. This contributes to our core values: efficiency, renewing, reliability and enjoyment!



1 year at the helm

On May first 2017 it has been one year since we took over from Jan and Izabel Papma. The time flies! Our colleagues celebrated this event with a beautiful and very symbolic cake.





Visit schools

On 16 March 2017, two groups of pupils in class 3 of the Vakcollege Noordoostpolder visited. The students follow the PIE (Production, Installation and Energy) course and were able to see how things are going in the manufacturing industry. The students and the supervisors were enthusiastic. We hope to see the students reflected in the technology later on!


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